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Mastercraft is one of Victoria’s leading real estate contractors. Since starting over 35 years ago, we have built hundreds luxury homes and commercial buildings for clients who want high quality and high value. Today, we provide an innovative full-service solution for land owners and developers, from start to finish.

The foundation of Mastercraft’s innovative service is built on five pillars:

1) FEASIBILITY STUDY – We start with feasibility studies that increase your profits and reduce your risk.

2) PLANNING & LAYOUT – We assist with planning to ensure that the most desirable features are incorporated into your project — all while using best practices that reduce costs and increase profits.

3) UNDERGROUND & LAND DEVELOPMENT – We coordinate civil engineers, inspectors and municipalities to ensure we meet or surpass all regulatory requirements — all while completing your project on time and on budget.

4) CONSTRUCTION – We apply our experience, modern systems, and buying volume to construct your project to the highest quality at the best price.

5) MARKETING & SALES – We create an effective plan that harmonizes marketing and sales functions to maximize results. This allows us to and sell your project faster and for more money.

To find out how Mastercraft can help you plan, execute, and maximize results on your real estate project, contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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